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30 November 2004 @ 06:08 am
after several days of upper-induced insomnia, i got back to elon and slept for 17 hours straight. i need to stop doing this sleeping for the entire day shit. it's screwing my life up.

i woke up at one point with a terrible migraine. at least, i think i did. it might have been a dream.

i'll write about thanksgiving break later maybe. i have class in two hours. that sucks. if morgan wasn't in it i would die.

also, this article makes me want to break shit and cry at the same time: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A15423-2004Nov26.html
Current Mood: groggygroggy
khoran on November 30th, 2004 09:47 pm (UTC)
Cause for alarm
I wouldn't get too upset over the stuff in that article.

As it is, there are 22 more Republicans in the House than Democrats (227 v 205, plus 1 independent and 2 vacancies, although I don't know if those have been filled). If they manage to get a majority of Republicans behind something, 114, they still need to get 218 votes to pass it. That's 96% of Republicans. If all the Democrats - and given how willing Hastert has shown he is to reach out to the other side I suppose this is possible - oppose, as well as the independent, then only 10 Republicans need to object to kill the measure.
Sure, with an opposition party as wimpy as the Democrats it's kind of unlikely that they'll all do the same thing, but Hastert is just asking for trouble with this. If anything, it seems to me like he's shooting himself in the foot.
The Republicans have a majority, sure, but it's not big enough that they can always do what they want, and they don't all always get along.
Of course, the big issue is more that nothing the Democrats put forward is going to go anywhere unless the Republicans like it. Bipartisanship when it suits them, how Washington. As soon as a bill he wants to pass comes up and needs a bipartisan coalition, he'll be singing a different tune.