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they call her action!

my thoughts are so robotic, so is my positioning!

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26 June 1986
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he said "it's all in your head"
and i said "so's everything"
but he didn't get it

this journal is old as fuck and so am i.

if my heart's soaking wet, boy your boots can leave a mess

all-nighters, amphetamines, anthony green, being a raging alcoholic, being melly awesome, boom swaggering, circa survive, coconut rum, coheed and cambria, converge, eating in my sleep, hard-fi, have a fucking heart, i really like mmos, i'm chronically broken hearted, jason voorhees, muse, my cat, nursing, pendulum, rob swire, shaniqua is a wharthoe, survivor, the lives of others, uppers, using the f-word excessively, wharthoes, world of warcraft

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